Class Descriptions

Nancy is available to teach these classes in group and private session settings.

Beginner Yoga

This class is ideal for students of all ages with no previous yoga experience. We focus on the fundamentals of yoga with an emphasis of developing flexibility, strength, balance, postural alignment, body awareness and range of motion. Each class includes an explanation and demonstration of yoga poses, breath, and balance work plus a guided meditation that helps to improve focus and reduce stress. The slower pace offers the student an opportunity to explore each pose without feeling rushed. Whole body stretching helps improve flexibility and range of motion.

Hatha/Community Yoga

Hatha Yoga offers the yoga student a chance to increase strength, balance, agility, postural alignment and flexibility by slowly increasing the holding of poses for a longer period of time. Additional poses are added to the class to expand body and breath awareness, improve mental focus, balance, range of motion, boost energy levels, and ease stress and tension.

Gentle Yoga

This class is especially well suited for those with low bone density, balance, posture, and flexibility issues or just someone looking for a more accessible, gentle yoga class. Each session uses poses that include stretching, core strengthening and balance movements as well as breath and deep relaxation activities.

Water Yoga

Water Yoga is a class for everyone. A low impact class that, when combined with the natural buoyancy of the water, helps to relieve tight muscles and sore joints while increasing flexibility by stretching sore muscle groups. The water helps to improve stability, increase circulation, and reduces inflammation in joints and muscles. Water Yoga is also very well suited to older adults or those looking for a post-injury, low impact recovery fitness activity. We use pool noodles during the class for resistance work, stretching and floating plus it’s just plain fun!

Chair Yoga

For those who have wanted to try yoga but are afraid it is too strenuous for their body? Chair Yoga is a great place to start as it is one of the gentlest and most stable forms of yoga. Students will use a chair to sit or stand to slowly move from one yoga pose to another.