A regular yoga practice can improve flexibility, strength and balance, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase energy and improve sleep.

Welcome to YogaWorkz!

Hi!   I'm Nancy McMahon and I want to help you experience the many practical health and life benefits of yoga.  Yoga has been enormously helpful to me and I would like to share those benefits with you.

Each one of my small and personalized yoga classes will help strengthen your body and soothe your mind.  Individualized attention and assistance make the yoga asanas (poses) more accessible and achievable.  I believe it is important to combine learning and moving so that your regular yoga practice will enable you to feel, look and be your best.

Over time, practicing yoga together can even help you enjoy life more.  Much like me, you too will develop an appreciation for yoga and its many benefits.

My classes are open to everyone of all levels and abilities. My specialized Bone Health Yoga classes are designed to serve those with osteoporosis, osteopenia, low bone density, balance, posture and flexibility issues or just someone looking for an accessible, gentle yoga class.



A regular hatha yoga practice can improve flexibility, strength, balance. reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase energy and better sleep.
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